1/15/2024-1/19-2024 no crickets will be shipped this week due to extreme cold.


"Thank you for your awesome professional service in helping me with my need for feeder insects for all of my bearded dragons. You are always able to answer questions and give me a fair price. Your lightning fast shipping is certainly a plus! I will continue to order from Great Lakes Hornworm because you just make it so easy and painless. Also note that I refer all my customers to you. Thanks again, and I hope we can continue to do business in the years to come."

Tim Ogburn – Queen City Dragons

"First of all I want to say you do a really awesome job with Hornworms. You are, by far, the best. I have ordered from others and they come very small and half of them die. But yours are always fat and healthy and alive. So, thank you!



"I just wanted to send a quick note to you saying “thank you” for the order of hornworms you sent me to cover the small # missing from my previous order…we had so many hornworms that I believe our little Bearded Dragon has become addicted. 

I appreciate your personal handling of my issue and am glad to order my supplies from a company that backs up their product and has terrific customer service like Great Lakes Hornworm. Thanks again!"

Jin S

"I called Rob on a whim after researching feeder insects for our new Dragon’s and Geckos. I found him to be incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, and pleasant to deal with.

Hornworms have remarkably helped the animals I care for. In fact, I feed babies a diet of primarily hornworms and occasional crickets. They grow faster, and are hardier then with any other diet selection.

Hornworms have also helped nurse a female dragon back from both parasites and a severe muscle injury. Most of my adults refuse other feeders as hornworms are their preferred meal.


Jim & Judi Hinze – J&J Dragons

"Thank you I got the worms and they all look great. I also got my other order and everything looks great as well. Thank you for your great customer service it has been great working with you.

Thank you again!"

Sarah V
"The worms made it today and weren’t roughed up! Thanks for the 2nd cup, I am and always will be a loyal customer, your customer service is unsurpassed! My daughter’s beardie Paco loves the hornworms. Again thanks so much!"
Joanne K
"I just wanted to take a minute to say how very happy I am with my first order of hornworms! They arrived promptly and with a few extras. More importantly, my bearded dragon absolutely LOVES them. I was unsure at first as to how she would like them, but I’ve NEVER seen her get so excited over her food! She goes nuts when I put the container in view!!! She even likes them better than her superworms which I NEVER thought would happen! As a newbie to owning a reptile I was shocked at how long it can take to maintain the crickets and other insects, but I don’t have to really do anything for the hornworms!! My beardie is a VERY happy camper and so am I! I will definitely be ordering from you again and will recommend you to EVERYONE I know who owns reptiles!!!!! Thanks so much!!!!"